White porcelain hairpin. Delicate piece on a soft silk background.
Brunette model wearing a minimal white porcelain hairpin.
Minimal design. White ceramic hairpin on a white silk background.
Product close-up: minimal white hairpin.
Studio scene: the artisan is cutting the raw porcelain with a bistoury.
Beautiful workshop scene, emphasis on the artisanal work.
A raw and minimal porcelain petals in the process of being created, showcasing the skill and artistry involved in its formation.


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A truly fine porcelain sculpture, handmade with dedication and love.
Inspired by the subtlety of nature, these new designs are inspired by the natural harmony of flora. Each leaf is molded and painted by hand, one by one, and has a gloss glaze finishing.

These accessories are the perfect complement for
the exquisite pieces of Namur. The smoothness of the fabrics,
the beauty of the patterns, and designs are the ideal complement for these unrepeatable and unique porcelain pieces.

Timeless accessories, eternally classic pieces.

:: s i z e   &   m a t e r i a l ::
length . 80 mm (0.3 in) 
weight . 7 g
hair hook . gold brass

:: a d d i t i o n a l   i n f o :: 
designed and made in Portugal 
Reiterating traditional porcelain processes based on high-quality standards, this clay piece is turned into a beautiful headpiece with great care and skill.
White porcelain headpiece covered in a hand-painted white gloss glaze layer.

They may present minor variations and irregularities as each piece is made by hand.

:: t e s t i m o n i a l s ::