Product care

:: p o r c e l a i n   j e w e l r y :: 

Each Sömmer porcelain jewel is made by hand, without any molding or industrial processes. Therefore, it can present some barely noticeable minor variations. This means all pieces are extremely similar but may not be exactly the same.

Sömmer's jewels are made of high-quality porcelain, painted with pure gold and glazed to enhance its high resistance further.  Therefore, the jewels are very hard to break by hand and will difficultly break with a regular fall. Despite this, be aware that the pieces might still break if they fall or get hit hard, depending on the hitting-ground type. The gold paint high-resistance may also be affected if the jewel suffers a hard scratch or if harsh soaps are used. Sömmer's recommend you to clean your jewel using only a humid cloth. 

Although Sömmer uses the strongest jewelry glue in the world for fixing the jewelry findings to the porcelain jewel, there is still the risk that this breaks in case there is a strong angular force applied to it. Please do not try to bend or adjust your findings as this may result in detaching the piece. If this occurs, you can safely and quickly fix it with any common super-glue from the supermarket. Alternatively you contact can resolve the issue for you if the piece is still under the return period.

With proper care, your jewels will retain their beauty and last for a long time.

:: c h a i n s   &   m e t a l   f i n d i n g s :: 

For preventive measures and perfect maintenance of your jewelry, please notice that Sömmer's chains and metal findings are gold plated. As all jewelry findings, they may lose color over the years.

Exposure to salty water, sea breeze, harsh soaps and products containing sulfur or alcohol can cause your jewelry to tarnish. Therefore, Sömmer advise you to take them off before bathing or wearing perfume. Avoid exposing gold plated jewelry to household products, perfumes or salty water, as this may cause gold to quickly discolor. Also, be aware that your skin pH can intensify the changes in gold plated jewelry.