Artisanal exceptional work. Gold painting process made with a fine brush.


 Sömmer is a porcelain and gold jewelry brand based in Portugal. 

Handcrafted and designed by Sofia Bártolo, the founder and artisan of Sömmer.

The whole process is done with care in the atelier based in Ericeira.


Behind the scenes: ceramic's studio artisanal work. Raw pieces ready to be fired.


 Elegant designs make timeless tokens.

A truly fine porcelain sculpture, shaped by hand using a fine brush with dedication and love, is created by reiterating traditional porcelain processes along the highest quality standards. Each petal is molded and painted by hand, one by one, from the finest raw porcelain to the gloss glaze finishing. 



A full kiln layer and the design drawing process.


C A R E F U L L Y   D E S I G N E D
In a completely manual process, each piece is carefully molded by hand.

No molds are used and no two pieces are the same. 

.W E A R A B L E   A R T
Every design is unique as a result of the time and care involved in this delicate
lengthy process, necessary to achieve such a fine outcome.  



Wedding accessories for minimal brides. Raw porcelain stunning pieces in the making.



– but light as a feather –
The fine porcelain quality and the glaze finishing allows for high resistance maintaining an incredibly light weight.

Perfect for beautiful hairstyles that last all day (and night).

A U T H E N T I C I T Y   A N D   Q U A L I T Y

Portuguese traditional materials with a contemporary approach. 


Drawing design process of sublime jewelry sculptures. The glaze is applied carefully with a fine brush.


Finest Portuguese Porcelain. Beautiful and delicate pieces for special moments.